Good nutrition lies at the heart of human and pet wellness. Our pets’ wellness is greatly affected by what they eat such as degree of vivacity, digestion rate, sleep quality and thereafter their immune system.

Selecting the best canine diet among many brands is very difficult for pet owners, but they are forced to make a choice eventually. Hi! I am so happy to see you on the site, U Say Pet Nutrition Guide. When you choose the Best Dog Food in Dubai for your furry friend, rest assured to get through our expert step-by-step approach.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Dog Food

  • Assess Your Dog’s Unique Needs

Each of the dogs is individual regarding their breed, age duration, size and activity level. What is important, however, in choosing the right food for your pet dog are special needs of each specific individual. Make sure to add the requirements for special diets according to various breeds, age aspects and underlying health disorders.

  • Decode the Ingredients and Labels

Read the list of ingredients, as much you know what not to give and need to put in your dog’s food. Reveal the ingredients of which are nutritionals such as allergens or fillers, which you include in your criteria for searching high-quality food to stimulate a positive physical condition.

  • Determine the Right Nutritional Balance

A vital feature, which needs to be considered when selecting the type of dog food that a pet requires is based on identifying the balance between nutrients. As you are always considering the value of proteins, values and fats carbs vitamins, minerals in nutritional food that is balanced for her health as well as energy.

  • Cost-Effective

Online purchase offers affordable choices and means of educated purchasing signs nutritional opportunity on your pet’s nutrition. Make a Purchase of the Best Online Affordable Online Dog Food that is not at all unfair towards its quality and cost.

  • Research and Compare Brands

Conduct a thorough consumer-based brand review of popular dog food products, providing an analysis in terms of ingredients used in large scale production along with supply chain practices, in addition to the status or reputation. Due to our system of fair appraisals, you are capable of drawing a conclusion based on nutritional value and brand quality

  • Monitor Your Dog’s Response

Having decided upon a brand of dog food, it is advisable to follow the conclusions or observations from your pet’s diet. Looking at the energy level, coat condition and digestion, as well another quality of life of the body after dieting.

  • Seek Veterinary Advice if Needed

Sometimes even it is impossible to do without the help of a veterinarian, especially if your dog has some individualities in health condition, allergic states or other limitations with food. However, refer to a professional before exposing your dog at the risk of not meeting his/her nutritional requirements.

Which is the Best Food – Dry Food vs Wet Food

It’s not an understatement to say that along with human beings, pets are also considered as a part of the family. So what choice does one have when it comes to feeding his/her pet? Which is better – dry food or wet food?

However in the quest to decide between dry and wet puppy diets consideration of factors such as needs for your dog should be considered accordingly. Either way, both options will have their pros. You should choose which one is most suitable or what are some factors depending on your dog’s health conditions and lifestyle preferences.

A wet form of food for dogs, otherwise referred to as canned foods, has a higher moisture content in comparison with the dry matter. This allows dogs to drink more water even when they are not too well hydrated or have conditions that require adequate hydration. Besides, canned foods tend to be savory and palatable when appealing. They are usually richer in minerals and other nutrients: containing proteins of animal origin.

However, a dry food for dogs (better pronounced as kibble) is convenient in use and has a much longer lifetime than the moist one. It is relatively easy to keep, serve food in and process the dirty diapers. Similarly, dry food serves as another means of promoting oral health through the removal in a process known as plaque creation and buildup during feeds.

After all the choice between dry and wet dog food will depend upon your individual necessities for dogs as well personal preferences. For adults however, you can give them a combination of dry and wet feed to offer variety as well as proper nutrition.


Overall, having a pet dog means that you need to watch what he or she eats as well and choosing the right kind of food is essential for his health.

For your four-legged friend’s needs, U Say Pet is the best delivery for dry and wet dog food. We provide a good brand of the dog’s food. It contains ingredients and comes with balanced nutrition that your dog should have a great diet. Therefore, gain confidence in Choose Pet’s products with peace of mind that your pet is receiving the best nourishment and attention.


Q. Would my dog do better with wet or dry food?

The choice between wet versus dry dog foods depends on the needs and wants of your pooch. Wet food provides positive aspects to dogs that need more water or whose eating habits are selective. There is also dry food which does not require much effort in feeding and helps maintain good teeth condition alongside one’s pet animal.

Q. Why do I need to seek veterinary advice for my dog’s feeding?

As far as health issues, allergies or special dietary needs are concerned that might be in the case of your dog it is recommended to contact a veterinarian. They may also advise you on the right diet for your dog.

Q. What attributes do I use to find the right nutritional balance for my dog?

Proteins, fats, carbs and vitamins supplement the nutritional stage of your dog. Having information concerning the right proportions which can enhance your dog’s health and energy is also vital.

Q. Which factors should be the ones to guide me in choosing the correct dog food?

In this connection, factors that should be taken into consideration include the type of dog and age size, among property its activity level. Also, you have to consider any of the health issues that are already present.