The mission of  U Say Pet is to offer the best quality food and accessories for pet owners’ adored furry friends. We are proud to support local suppliers and the need for locally sourced pet products. In this blog, we will explain why it is so important for us to support local suppliers and how this benefits not only people who own pets but also all of the citizens living in our community.

Benefits of Choosing Local Suppliers for Your Pet’s Needs

Nurturing Local Economy:

Through the selection of local suppliers, we promote economic growth in our region. The local businesses help to create employment, promote economic growth and encourage entrepreneurship in our community. It is a win-win situation for pet owners who can give the best to their pets while at the same time uplifting their local community.

Sourcing Quality Products:

By helping local suppliers, we have the chance to get pet products of high quality directly. Quality control is an important factor for local suppliers as they strive to ensure that their products are of the highest quality standards. Through close collaboration with local suppliers, we can assure the quality and safety of products that our customers purchase for their pets.

Environmental Sustainability:

The selection of local suppliers also supports our environmental sustainability. By procuring products domestically, we cut down on the carbon footprint that is related to long-haul transportation. This reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and promotes a more sustainable supply chain. In return, this is positive for the environment and our pets’ future welfare.

Customized Offerings:

Local suppliers are familiar with the needs and preferences of pets in our local community. They can customize their products to meet dietary restrictions, allergies or special preferences. With the help of local suppliers, we can provide a wide variety of products that are designed to satisfy our pets’ needs.

Cultivating Relationships:

Through our relationships with local suppliers, we create partnerships based on trust, cooperation and common ideals. By collaborating, we can continually perfect and polish our product offerings through the feedback from pet owners. This partnership with local providers enables us to remain in touch with the needs of our community and provide superior service.

Supporting Local Suppliers: The Introduction of Precious Creature to  U Say Pet

In accordance with our pledge to encourage local businesses, we are pleased to announce that a new brand of premium pet food has joined the ranks – Precious Creature that was made in the UAE, now exclusively available online on U Say Pet ! It serves as an incarnation of our goal to promote local products for pets.

We encourage you to try Precious Creature’s Pet Food for your beloved furry friends and see the difference in their health and well-being. Let’s unite and help our local businesses to provide what is right for the pets.


At U Say Pet, we are excited to welcome Precious Creature on our website and provide their unique pet food products for the community. We encourage you to feed Precious Creature’s pet food for your cherished furry friends and observe the difference in their well-being. Together, let us help local businesses and give our pets the nutrition they deserve.

Let us build a pawsitive future for our pets and assist local suppliers who share the same passion as we do in ensuring that they get nothing but the best.


Q. Is it possible to find specialized products for my pet’s individual needs from local suppliers?

Indeed, local suppliers are usually well acquainted with the needs and tastes of pets in a specific community. They are able to customize their products for specific dietary needs, allergies or individual preferences. You can get a variety of specialized products designed to meet the needs of your pets through supporting local suppliers.

Q. Why should I prefer locally sourced pet products?

Buying local pet products supports the development of a healthy economy, provides access to high-quality items, encourages environmental sustainability and helps build strong bonds between people. It helps pet owners to give their pets the best and also contribute towards a better community.

Q. What are the advantages of locally sourced products to my pets?

Quality control is another important feature of locally sourced pet products, which ensures that the quality standards are met. They are manufactured from all-natural ingredients that help to keep your pets healthy and happy. Furthermore, local suppliers are more flexible to accommodate the needs of your pets’ dietary requirements or allergies.