Trovet Dental Dog Dry Food

To keep your dog’s teeth as healthy as possible, TROVET has developed a special complete food for both large and small dogs. The unique structure and shape provide a less brittle kibble and promote a scrubbing effect. Dental is an elastic kibble that allows the tooth to sink deep into the kibble. This results in better contact with the tooth surface. Eucalyptus oil is added to help reduce an unpleasant breath. Added lysozyme and lactoferrin reduce the bacterial growth. Addition of substances with a so-called anti-oxidative effect, such as vitamin C, vitamin E and green tea extracts help in supporting the immune system in the oral cavity. As a result, the resistance of the oral cavity will be favourably influenced. Nutraceuticals and active ingredients provide a fresh breath and help prevent the formation of dental plaque.

Application advice
Gradually change to Dental. Mix for several days the new food in increasing ratio with the old food. Dental can be fed for life as a complete food. When giving Dental as a treat in combination with an other food, it is advised to deduct these from the daily amount of food.

AED 106.00

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Ingredients (Dry)
poultry meal, corn, rice, potato starch, poultry fat, cellulose, barley, beet pulp, rice bran, collagen (hydrolysate), yeast, poultry liver (hydrolysate), linseed, sodium tripolyphosphate, potassium chloride, xylitol, milk powder.

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