Our Story

Our Story

It all started with our beloved pet, Cookie, our inspiration to start U Say Pet. But unfortunately, she passed away to move on to the next journey of her life, leaving her footprints in our world. Then, as a happenstance, Loki came into our lives to keep the fire burning and continue our mission at U Say Pet. 

Loki takes the lead to introduce you to an assorted collection of luxurious yet affordable products. Domestic animals often seek and enjoy interacting with humans. Positive human–animal relationships can elicit positive emotions and other positive welfare outcomes. The furry and some not so furry four-legged have always been steadfast companions to us humans.

With pets offering healing and hope to humans grappling with uncertainty, stress and grief, we created U Say Pet to repay these munchkins with the best we can offer.

Our success is measured by the happiness of pets and pet parents. We want to make your shopping experience easy, convenient, and affordable and have a wide array of pet products for your one stop shop. No matter how much you clean up after them, their stuff will always be dotted around your house. And, if you have to look at this stuff all the time, it might as well be aesthetically pleasing, right? So, we’ve sourced all the best-designed products for your favourite fur ball.

Our Mission

U Say pet is committed to providing the absolute best consumer value and customer service in the Pet Industry, while never losing sight of quality, innovation, safety, honesty and humanity.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create products that make it even more fun to spend time with your pet – always with an eye for style. We are here to give you and your pet a fun adventure of life.

# usaypet

We aspire to be global leaders in pet care and nutrition dedicated to enriching the lives of pets and their families today and for generations to come. Our team at U Say Pet makes a daily commitment to be cognizant of both the pets’ and pet parents’ needs. From beautifully designed accessories to healthy food products with natural ingredients, we’ve got it all! 

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