Welcome to our guide to Horse Feed and Accessory Shops In Dubai! As a horse owner, you know how important it is to get the best foods and products for your beloved equine companions. Dubai has a wide variety of stores catering to the needs of horse owners, offering a wide range of products to keep your horse healthy and well

Based in Dubai, U Say Pet offers a comprehensive range of high quality products to meet your pet specific needs, no matter the age, discipline or activity level. Whether you are looking for healthy horse food or essentials like grooming equipment and feeders, this guide will help you find the best way to meet your horse’s needs. All in Dubai is your one stop shop for all things horse. Whether you are an experienced rider or a new horse owner, U Say Pet offers a wide range of products to meet your every need.

Unparalleled Horse Food Options:

At U Say Pet, we understand the importance of good nutrition for optimal equine health and performance. Offering a selection of horse feeds from reputable brands, we ensure you find the perfect feed to suit your horse’s individual needs.

  • Concentrates and Pellets: 

 Many nutrient options for high performance horses and those with specific dietary needs.

  • Muesli & Cubes:

A perfect mixed feed for horse care, growing and vacationing.

  • Forage & Hay:

Essential solids for overall gut health and well-being.

  • Inclusion:

Targeted solutions to specific health problems or performance goals.

Wide Selection of Quality Horse Accessories

  • Tack & Saddlery: 

Saddles, bridles, girths and other equipment in English and Western for the best riding comfort level and efficiency.

  • Grooming Supplies: 

Essential brushes, combs, shampoo homs and many other products catching the eye to keep your horse looking perfect and feeling good.

  • Horse Clothing & Blankets: 

Winter, summer and year-round attire to ensure high functionality under all seasons and conditions.

  • Stable & Training Equipment: 

Hay feeders, water buckets, stall mats as well as other crucial stable functions.

Why You Say Pet is the Greatest Horse Feed and Accessories Shop of Dubai.

In a city such as Dubai where horse riding is a valued practice, getting the Best Food and Accessories Shops is paramount to sustaining the well-being of your horse. At U Say Pet, one can get the best quality of all food and accessories.

  • Superior Food:

Diet is very important for a healthy horse life; the diet should be balanced and must be fed according to the age, breed, and activity level of the horse. We put an emphasis on high-quality ingredients, variety for selection, and a knowledgeable consultant at feeding.

  • Expertly Designed Accessories:

This ranges from saddles, bridles, grooming equipment and stable equipment. A well-fitting, high-quality accessory improves your horse’s comfort and safety. A U Say Pet shop provides custom fit for your horse’s needs, it ensures that he is comfortable at all times, and the magnificent horse does not get injured.

  • Unmatched Service:

Our expert team who are well equipped with knowledge concerning your horse’s requirements can suggest the best products and provide information on how to use and manage them well. The personalized services will make you make wise decisions for example; this will make you develop a relationship of trust with the shop.

  • Convenience and Value:

U Say Pet shops that are offering competitive prices and that are located in convenient places and that have wonderful customer service. Time and energy can be saved as well, by using the online ordering and delivery, the latter also delivering the product directly to your door.

Investing in the Horse Food Shop in Dubai is not an act of buying goods; it is an investment that will ensure your horse is healthy, happy, and will help you win the most prestigious horse tournaments. It is an investment that will enhance the bond you share with your horse.

Benefits of Shopping at U Say Pet:

There are many reasons why U Say Pet is the best choice for pet owners in Dubai:

  • Wide Variety of Products:

We supply a variety of products for all kinds of pets.

  • High-Quality Brands:

Our inventory consists only of the top brands of food and supplements along with accessories.

  • Competitive Prices:

We offer competitive prices on all our products.

  • Expert Advice:

You can always get professional assistance from Pet friendly and staff in U Say Pet who would be glad to advise you or make recommendations concerning your horse.

  • Convenience:

Our returns policy is also simple and we provide free shipping in Dubai.


All in all, when it comes to happy and healthy horses, U Say Pet is the only solution that you require in Dubai. We have all sorts of products and merchandise for your horse, starting from high quality feeds and supplements to riding gears and grooming necessities.

We go beyond that, and we offer professional advice, great prices, convenient shopping, and excellent customer service. Our company is built on the foundation of establishing strong relationships with our clients and their horses.

Whether you are a professional horseman, or a new owner, U Say Pet is ready to help you and your horse along on your journey together. This is the reason why online shopping today is your best opportunity to know why we are the top horse feed and accessories shop in Dubai.